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Boswellia Horse Feed

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Our Boswellia for Horses is a herb and a super food which contains the necessary high quality ingredients that posses extraordinary healing and anti-inflammatory capabilities that help maintain healthy joint function in horses.  Unlike NSAIDs, the long-term use of boswellia doesn’t cause stomach irritation or ulceration, and in this sense is a good alternative to devil’s claw.

Our boswellia for horses is 100% pure and contains no fillers, bulkers or anti-caking agents. 

The dosage will depend on the weight of the horse but the starting point for an average sized horse will be two teaspoons twice a day. To realise the full effectiveness of our 100% pure boswellia for horses, we strongly recommend not using it in conjunction with other supplements. Suggested dosages:

Over 700 Kg             15-20g twice a day
400-700 Kg               10-15g twice a day
Up to 400 Kg              5-10g twice a day

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